Syntax Physic Opera - EP Release - 9PM
to Nov 15

Syntax Physic Opera - EP Release - 9PM

Celebrating the release of Through the Eye of Time EP, Josh Dillard will be playing at Syntax Physic Opera in Denver, CO. Also performing will be Joe Sampson and Nathan & Stephen.

JOSH DILLARD | | Josh Dillard writes and performs songs whose construction reaches back in the annals of classic pop and early rock while imbued with a modern sentiment. From the depths of existential quandary to the vistas of young love, his songs are drenched in a dusty humanity. Road worn and honest, his gait is as true as his verse.

NATHAN & STEPHEN | Coming off the heals of their recent Red Rocks performance, these Denver favorites will kick off the evening. Check our their recent collaboration, HOLY FEAR. 

JOE SAMPSON | | For a certain type of music fan, most any song can be interpreted as a soundtrack directly commenting on your life -- at that exact moment. The lyrics are speaking directly to you and your situation with a spooky amount of accuracy and wisdom. The song is about you, even if it isn't, even if the songwriter was thinking of something completely different at the time, or thinking of nothing specific at all, least of all you and your problems. The music of Joe Sampson -- with it's emotional depth and lyrical ambiguity -- especially lends itself to this sort of reflection, particularly the title track to his solo debut, Kill Our Friends, a song seemingly about rejection and social disappointment, yet, as the songwriter reveals, was about nothing in particular.
- Josiah Hesse, WESTWORD

Presented by Colorado Creative IndustriesNational Endowment for the ArtsIllegal Pete's, and Mountain to Sound.

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